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Smokefest will be in the spirit of the Eggfests that we have previously hosted, but expanded to also include Traeger. Smokefest is a venue for Big Green Egg and Traeger owners to showcase their talents and interact with other enthusiasts. It is also an opportunity for those who have been contemplating a Big Green Egg or Traeger to sample food and talk to Egg and Traeger supporters. There are also opportunities available to purchase the Big Green Eggs and Traegers used during Smokefest at a discounted price. Smokefest will feature free food, music, and prizes.

I want to Cook at Smokefest!

Whether you are a BBQ rookie or a competitive Pitmaster, we'd love to have you cook at Smokefest! This is a great opportunity for BBQ enthusiasts to show off their top recipes and learn tips and tricks from others. We are offering 20% off all BBQ accessories the day of Smokefest to anyone who cooks, plus a sweet swag package! 


I Want to Buy a Demo Grill!


We are offering great discounts on gently used Big Green Eggs and Traegers that are used once by our Smokefest cooks. If you are interested in purchasing one of these demo units, please contact us. We have a limited number of demos that will be used at Smokefest and orders are first come first served. Availability is not guaranteed. All Eggs and Traegers come with a FULL WARRANTY. 

Large Egg Package (Egg, Platesetter, Nest, Ash tool)

XL Egg Package (Egg, Platesetter, Nest, Ash tool)

Traeger Pro 575  - Pro 780 

Traeger Ironwood 650 – Ironwood 885 


I Want to Eat Delicious Food!


Come out and have a good time! All are welcome and admission is free! It will be a great time to swap recipes and ideas and try amazing food!

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