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The Big Green Egg family of products has proven to be the most versatile type of outdoor BBQ cooker. There are endless possibilities ranging from dessert or searing steaks that will be sure to exceed your expectations. The lump charcoal  fuel can be precisely controlled with a system of vents. Additional wood fired flavor can be added by adding smoking chips & chunks to the charcoal. Our BBQ experts will be sure to walk you through the capabilities to ensure you select the Big Green Egg that will best meet your needs.

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Live fire cooking is an elemental experience. Fueled by hardwood lump charcoal, precise temperature control is made possible by advanced ceramic construction and a simple airflow management system. And all of it's designed to keep heat, moisture, and flavor in. So whether you're searing a steak at 750 degrees, roasting, baking or smoking low and slow, everything tastes better cooked in an EGG. 


Check out our assortment of Big Green Egg accessories! We offer locally made to order EGG tables in a variety of finishes and configurations. Digital EGG controllers are a popular add-on as well. Digital controllers regulate the airflow into the egg to precisely control temperature, and can be remotely controlled from your smartphone. 

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