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Our Experts can cut and program keys or remotes and keep your vehicle on the road. 

  • Chip Keys

    • These keys have a small transponder in the head of the key that interacts with a receiver in your ignition. 

  • Key Fobs​

    • Standalone key fobs typically have lock, unlock, trunk, and panic functions. There must be a factory installed remote system in the vehicle in order to program a remote. 

  • Remote Head Combo Keys​

    • These keys typically have the fob buttons built into the head of the key. These keys also have a transponder built into the head of the key​

  • Fobiks​

    • Fobiks are commonly found with Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles. Instead of a key blade, these "plug" into a port on the dash. 

  • Proximity Fobs​

    • Prox fobs are usually found on vehicles equipped with a push button start system. Prox fobs look like a regular key fob, but emit a steady frequency that push button start vehicles must recieve in order to start the engine. ​​​

  • Replacement Shell

    • Is your key fob cracked or falling apart? Do the fob functions still work? In most situations, we can salvage the working electronics from the key, and transplant them into a new shell. The cost is a fraction of replacing the whole key or fob. 

Our technology allows us to program keys for over 92% of vehicles on the road. Give us a call and we'll find the proper match for your car and give you a price. By choosing us to make your key or fob, you can save up to 60% compared to dealer costs for the same thing. Since our programming tool communicates with your vehicle's onboard computer, your vehicle must be present to program. 

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